Studio Rental Plan

We offer studio rental services to cater to photographers and anyone in need. If you have any photography problems while driving on the studio, you can ask us questions. We also provide equipment rental. Get in touch below.

Studio Rental

600W+400W Set Studio Flash + Softbox
200W LED Continuous Light
150W LED Continuous Light
LED Photography light studio
Micro film lighting
Professional Camera Tripod
Light Stand 2.8m
Standard Light Barrier
Honeycomb Cover
with Three-Color Filter
Background paper: Pure White, Green, gray, Black, Red
Photography Wooden Box:
Wooden and White
Soft Light Ball 50cm
Soft Screen 200cm(h)x 143cm(w)
Dressing Table and Toile

Equipment Rental


RODE NT microphone with
3 m aluminum pole 10 m microphone cable


SD Card / Data recover

What should I do if the photo on the memory card has been deleted accidentally?

Although this kind of thing rarely happens, what happens when the memory card is not properly removed and the memory card that has not been taken out or backed up is formatted?

We can help you recover your data within 60-120 minutes per 128G Card.

Let’s call us now.