Our Team

Trendy Studio international team is an integrated creative digital consultancy with FB, IG, YouTube channels and upcoming various marketing channels.
We are launching a lot of new initiatives, creative production that can lead a young and energetic marketing.

Billy C

Senior Photographer

Gary is seeing all the fun memories captured all over the country through our themed studio events and holiday campaigns that I help develop. Knowing that he had a small part in helping tell their story or capturing that joy makes it easy to come into work every day.

Eason K

Art Director

Eason is an idea power generator. He generates creative ideas on video and photo formats and solid knowledge in creative content production. Over 10 years of experience in creative industry, he deeply understands what clients need. He provides strategic advice and fulfill clients’ advertising request and create native ad with promotion campaign ideas.


Makeup & Hair Stylist

Stephanie has over 4 years of experience in the cosmetic career. She has passion and ability in designing hairstyle and manage the makeup and hair team. She is able to provide professional consultation and advice to the customers. She proves to deliver the fastest and easiest way to hire makeup artists team to make any marketing project a success.

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